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Southend Gymnastics Academy - Terms of Business

1. Our details

The full name of our company is Energize Essex Ltd. The club name is Southend Gymnastics Academy.

You can contact us by email to admin@energizeessex.co.uk or by phone on 07891658794.

2. Registrations and authorisations

We subscribe to the British Gymnastics codes of conduct including:

  • Health, Safety and Welfare policy
  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy
  • Safeguarding and Protecting Vulnerable Adults Policy
  • Equality Policy
  • Standards of Conduct
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Membership Regulations
  • Registered Clubs Regulations
  • Photography Regulations
  • Financial Regulations
  • Anti-Doping Policy

3. Sessions and payment

Places on gymnastic sessions are subject to availability and can only be booked via the website at http://www.energizeessex.co.uk/ or by emailing the admin team on admin@energizeessex.co.uk or by telephone 07891658794. Places will only be confirmed once payment has been received along with a completed registration form.

If you are successful at obtaining a place on a session payment must be received at the first club session you attend or through our website. Gymnasts can only participate in a session if British Gymnastics membership/insurance has been paid in full. If you have not paid your membership then your gymnast will not be able to participate in the session. This does not include trial sessions. British Gymnastics membership is included in initial club membership and must be paid after the first half term trial to keep your space.

The British Gymnastics membership year runs from 1 September to 31 August each year. Membership will automatically renew on 1 September each year whereupon members will become liable to pay a Membership fee for the new Membership year.

Gymnast must complete a participation form and also complete a fees form for the relevant session. These forms will be given to you in your registration pack. If you do not receive a fees form or participation form please contact admin@energizeessex.co.uk.

Online payments can be made using debit or credit cards at www.energizeessex.co.uk. Cash or cheques (made payable to Energize Essex) must be paid at the registration desk on session nights. Receipts are available on request.

If you have difficulties in making payments for your gymnast's sessions please discuss this with a member of the registration team.

Late payment of fees will incur a £5 late payment charge.

We make every effort to ensure that the details on the website or in flyers are correct but we reserve the right to make amendments if necessary at any time.

When making a booking, it is your responsibility to ensure that any gymnast is the correct age for that session. We reserve the right to refuse entry to a session if any participant is found not to be of the correct age, unless a specific arrangement has been made with the lead coach.

You must inform us of any medical condition, or disability, which may be relevant to the child booked on to a gymnastic session. You must also notify us of any change or deterioration of any such medical condition or disability. We will keep this information confidential and handle such issues with discretion. It is our policy to include any such individuals within the scheduled courses wherever possible, but we reserve the right to refuse the booking if we are regrettably unable to accommodate the needs of the individual at Southend Gymnastics Academy.

4. Cancellations and refunds

All cancellations must be made in writing, by email, and be received a minimum of 48hrs before the course begins. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. On cancellation of a session up to seven days or more prior to the session, a full refund will be given, any refunds between 2-5 working days will be less £5 administration fee. No refunds available within 48hrs of the activity starting.

We reserve the right to cancel sessions one week in advance of the start date in the unlikely event of insufficient numbers. A full refund will then be given.

5. Damages and loss

Damage caused whilst at Southend Gymnastics Academy is chargeable to the offender(s).

Southend Gymnastics Academy accepts no liability for damage to, or loss of, any property or articles or things whatsoever, placed or left at Alleyn Court Preparatory School or any of our venues by any person or organisation.

6. Data Protection

Information given to the Club is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 but may also be made available to British Gymnastics and our Insurers. Energize Essex Ltd follows all policies under GDPR which can be viewed at www.eugdpr.org. www.energizeessex.co.uk holds an up to date SSL certificate and the data is saved into a secure database and stored in the downloaded encrypted back up. Paper copies are destroyed after information is added to the database. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to have your data stored in the above way. 

7. Jewellery, Body Piercing and Adornment

British Gymnastics believes that jewellery and adornments worn in body piercing are inappropriate for safe practice in gymnastics and trampolining.

Participants - A person participating with body adornments or jewellery MUST inform the coach and also remove the relevant items to reduce the risk of injury to the participant, the coach and others.

Exceptions to the above may be applicable in special circumstances. In some circumstances, it may be impossible to remove a ring and/or dermal piercings. Should this be the case; the ring must be sufficiently covered with protective tape; and the piercings covered sufficiently in order to eliminate any risk. Religious and Medical jewellery can be worn but must be covered with tape or a sweat band.

Failure to conform will prohibit the individual’s participation on the grounds of reasonable safety and may render the individual’s insurance invalid should an accident result directly from non-compliance.

8. Code of Conduct for parents

  • Encourage your child to learn the rules and participate within them.
  • No threatening or arguing with officials/coaches.
  • Publicly accept officials’ judgements.
  • Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results.
  • Set a good example by recognising good sportsmanship and applauding good performances of all.
  • Always ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the activity and has plenty to drink.
  • Keep the club informed if your child is ill or unable to attend any sessions.
  • Endeavour to establish good communications with the club, coaches and officials for the benefit of all.
  • Share any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the club through the approved channels.
  • Do not disrupt your child whilst in a training session or whilst at competition and events.
  • Use correct and proper language at all times.
  • Never punish or belittle a child for performance or making mistakes.
  • Make sure your child arrives on time.
  • Always collect your child promptly at the end of a session.
  • Support your child’s involvement and help them enjoy their sport.

Anyone found to be not adhering to these rules will be subject to their child's membership being revoked

9. Variation

We may revise these terms and conditions from time-to-time.

10. Law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Holiday Club Terms and Conditions

Without payment, your place will be cancelled with immediate effect. Refunds will only be issued if the session is cancelled by Energize Essex Ltd and 24hrs notice will be given unless in extreme circumstances. As we use finances to cater for the children with staff ratios etc, we cannot offer a refund due to illness or changes of plans, however, you can transfer the space to another child. At our discretion, we may be able to transfer a space to another holiday activity.   

Cancellations and refunds

All cancellations must be made in writing, by email, and be received a minimum of 7 days before the session begins. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. On cancellation of a session up to seven days or more prior to the session, a full refund will be given, any refunds between 2-6 days will be charged at 100%. No refunds available within 7 days of the activity starting.

We reserve the right to cancel sessions one week in advance of the start date in the unlikely event of insufficient numbers. A full refund will then be given.


  • Send your child in at the start of the session time (no more than 10 minutes before the session begins as there will be no staff responsible for supervision). 

A £5 fee will incur for any child who is not collected within 10minutes of the session end time, a further £5 will be charged for each 5 minutes thereafter, this is due to additional staff costs and facility hire. Please do not be late. 

  • Children will need a packed lunch daily. We recommend an ice pack is used in lunchboxes or an insulated container. 
  • Children need to wear appropriate clothing e.g. tracksuit, t-shirt, jumper, shorts and trainers for sport, old clothing for arts, please check the details for more information.
  • Drop offs and pick ups will take place in the sports hall. 

Venue addresses are as follows:

The St Michael's School, 198 Hadleigh Road, Leigh on Sea, ESSEX SS92LP

It is parental responsibility to ensure your child is brought into the facility, no children should be dropped off in the car park area without adult supervision.

  • In the event of bad weather, the programme is subject to change.
  • In the event that numbers are low due to no shows etc, we may change the programme the children attend but at no additional cost
  • It is parental responsibility to inform the manager on the day or Selina Fox via email to: admin@energizeessex.co.uk if your child is NOT allowed photography and video's. This will be used in local media.

It is our policy and parental responsibility for child welfare and safety that the person dropping off and collecting children MUST sign in and out on our registers and check their emergency contact and medical information on the register at sign in (this would be written as per registration form details).

  • All resources for activities are covered in the cost.
  • Activities are for children aged 5 and above.

If children have SEN and require a 1-2-1 support, this needs to be prior arranged and will be at a cost to the parent for relevant DBS checks and in plenty of time to enable parental permission from other parents in the class and for policies and procedures of an additional adult to be put in place, this is purely for child protection and safeguarding reasons for the other children in the group as well as for the adult.

  • Please note, although we cater for a wide age range, the group is split up into smaller age groups 5 - 7/8, 7-10 and 10 to enable children to work at a similar standard. Although siblings may be in an overall group together, they may not sit or compete against each other in the day depending on the activity. We do not mix 5 year old against 13 year old in sports matches such as football due to health and safety for size and to ensure the group all reach their best possible ability.

Children will start each day with a briefing about fire procedures, toilet procedures, not leaving their group, our behaviour policy and any information relevant to their activity for the day. If any child does not adhere to the procedures outlined, the parent will be notified and may be asked to collect their child without a refund. We are an anti bullying company and we strive to ensure every child no matter of their ability, reaches their full potential in their chosen area in a safe, fun environment.


Covid-19 Update

We are so pleased to announce we will be open over the Summer 2020 in spite of the virus outbreak! We think at this time of stress and uncertainty that it is more important than ever that children get plenty of exercise and time outdoors in a safe but social environment with other children.

Following the development of government guidelines to allow settings to open, we expect to be working on a maximum of 2 sites over the Summer.

We hope the children will be able to join us for some fun this summer predominantly in the fresh air, far away from their stress and worries they have had to endure.

Our summer holiday clubs will run in a very different way to normal, with a greatly reduced programme of activity and equipment.

Our clubs will operate in a ‘Covid Secure’ way with greatly enhanced hygiene and cleaning routines.

Children will be grouped into ‘bubbles’ of a maximum of 15 and bubbles will not mix throughout the day. This means availability will be limited compared to normal.

Booking will be restricted to an activity per week and children will not be able to mix and match between sessions e.g. gymnastics for the week, athletics for the week etc. Bookings will also be subject to additional conditions and procedures as a result of the pandemic which are detailed in our terms and conditions page.

Priority spaces will be given to children of key workers.

With the uncertain times of the virus, guidelines and procedures may change at any time and we will keep you updated of any changes necessary.

The following actions will be taking place due to the current Covid-19 outbreak:

·        Cleaning hands more often than usual – children will need to wash their hands with running water and soap and dry them thoroughly or use the hand sanitiser provided ensuring all parts of the hands are covered. This normally takes place in each of the breaks throughout the day (3), however, we will be having more regular short breaks to enable this to take place between each activity session (each hour) and instantly on arrival.

·        Ensuring good respiratory hygiene – promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach and ensuring hands are washed thoroughly after coughing or sneezing takes place. We will also be monitoring anyone who does this often, please inform us on the medical information if your child suffers with hay fever or any other allergy that may cause them to cough or sneeze regularly.

·        Cleaning surfaces more regularly – although we regularly clean our surfaces down using antibacterial wipes, any equipment and surfaces used by a group will be thoroughly cleaned down in each break (every hour) before the next use.

·        Minimising contact and mixing of groups – where we would normally all take a break together, break times will be taken outside where possible and staggered to reduce the risk of groups using the toilet facilities at the same time as others. We have also opened up a window for drop off and pick-ups to avoid mass gatherings of parents.

The above procedures are following the UK Government’s guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible. The procedures cannot cover every eventuality, but we will use our judgement to apply the principles to the highest standards possible to keep you and your child safe.

The full set of government guidelines can be viewed at: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

By completing your booking with us, you explicitly agree to the terms, conditions and procedures, together with our general terms and conditions, and we will expect you to abide strictly by them.

A copy of the most up to date terms and conditions will be displayed at the entrance for you to see as they may be subject to change if the official advice on the novel Covid-19 changes.


Attendance on the day is subject to your child being virus and symptom free, as far as it is practicable to be sure. To this end you must NOT bring your child if they:

-         Show any symptoms of COVID-19 on the day

-         Show any symptoms of COVID-19 within 7 days prior to attending

-         Are living with an individual who has shown symptoms within 14 days before the date of their attendance (they and you should be self-isolating as per government guidelines)

Those that turn up with any symptoms, a cough or are obviously unwell, will not be accepted by the leader and the manager on the day for the site will have the overall decision on the matter. You will not be eligible for a credit note or refund under these circumstances.

Please be responsible when making a decision to bring your child. Bringing a child who is mildly unwell, even if they feel they still want to come, could threaten the health of other children, and our staff. Our staff will also be required to self-isolate at the sign of any symptoms and are taking a recorded temperature check before their working day begins as well as washing hands on arrival. If you ring us between 6.30am-7am to inform us of any child who cannot attend due to illness, we can offer a credit note for after their self-isolation period has taken place. If a child has any other illness not related to Covid-19 symptoms and you ring between 6.30-7am, again a transfer to another date can be accommodated. Refunds will not be able to take place due to staff being allocated for the numbers booked.

Things to bring on the day

-         A pen. Your own pen to sign your child in at the registration desk. This protects you from having to use a pen that every other adult has touched.

-         Hand sanitizer or antibacterial hand wipes. We will have hand washing facilities and a limited amount of hand sanitizer available but children are asked to have their own in their kit to use in the outdoor space to stop us passing a bottle from hand to hand as this is a potential transmission hazard and because some children are allergic to certain brands. This will need to be shown on arrival at the registration desk.

-         Disposable tissues. This is to comply with the government’s "catch it, bin it, kill it” advice. This will also need to be shown on arrival at the registration desk.

-         Please DO NOT send your child in a face covering or mask for the day. The government guidance does not recommend this and this could cause more damage to the child. Parents are welcome to wear a mask at drop off and pick-ups if they feel necessary. Staff will not be wearing masks unless they are carrying out first aid. If your child does arrive wearing a mask or you insist on them wearing a mask, we will assume they are infectious and have to refuse entry under the suspected Covid-19 symptoms and no refund or credit note can be given under these circumstances.

-         Packed lunch (please do not pack items which children cannot open themselves)

-         Refillable drinks bottle

-         Sun hat

-         Sun cream if required, this should be applied before attending whether it is sunny or not.

-         Any medication required.

-         Extra layers of clothing to be able to remain outside where possible.

-         A rain coat or mac to use if light rain showers.


What will happen on arrival?

We will have markers set out to enter the premises. These will be spaced out at least 2m apart and will create the queue in system. Please keep to your space and keep an eye as the queue moves forward.

Please only have one adult per household and where possible, avoid bringing siblings where it is safe to do so. If you are bringing siblings, it is your responsibility to ensure they keep with you in your space away from others.

When it is your turn at the registration area (you will be invited forward by the manager on the day), you will need to show your hand sanitizer/wipes and disposable tissues so please have these ready to avoid holding the queue up.

You will then approach the sign in desk to sign using your own pen next to your child’s name on the register and the manager will read the contact number and check the medical information that you entered when booking with you on their sheet. This will be on a separate sheet held by the manager for confidentiality.

You will then be able to proceed to the toilet area to ensure your child washes their hands thoroughly. A member of staff will be standing nearby and the main bathroom door will be propped open to avoid touching the doors.

After hand washing has taken place, your child will enter our drop off area and sit in their bubble distanced a minimum 2m apart from other children in their bubble and well away from other bubbles. You will then exit the sports hall and follow the directions to exit the school.

Please ensure you follow these procedures to help safeguard you, your child and others. Please also allow extra time to accommodate this and do not arrive earlier than the time window as staff will be ensuring all safety measures are in place. We will not tolerate staff being verbally abused for following the above health and safety procedures. Please do not crowd around staff and liaise via email or text on the details displayed on our website with any questions or queries to ensure the process can run smoothly. Should you really need to speak to the manager on the day, please respect that we may have to ask you to wait until the end of the registration process or phone you after to go through any queries or questions you have.

The same process will take place on pick up.


Hygiene procedures and current guidelines (as written on 3rd July 2020)

The current science on the transmission on Covid-19 indicates that:

-         Transmission is greatly reduced outside

-         Children are at less risk than adults of transmitting the disease and developing serious symptoms

These are reassuring, however, we have introduced some additional hygiene procedures in our plans to provide extra security against transmission.

-         Children will not be permitted to hold hands. Hand to hand followed by hand to face contact seems to be a significant factor in transmission.

-         Equipment sharing will be limited where possible. All equipment will be cleaned with antibacterial wipes between uses.

-         Everyone will be required to use hand sanitizer on a regular period when doing any activity that shares a piece of equipment and this will be limited to one per day e.g. rounders, basketball, netball matches. This is on top of the once an hour hand washing we will be enforcing.

-         Everyone will be required to wash their hands before and after breaks. These will be increased to every hour.

-         Equipment and areas will be cleaned between bubbles using them.

-         Staff will not handle a child’s belongings or permit children to carry sports equipment that they are not personally using between areas.

-         Staff will not be able to help open food items in lunch boxes so please do not send them with food packets which they cannot open!

-         We will not be running a tuck shop or any food facilities to avoid handling of food items being passed between staff and your child.

-         Any child requiring medical attention will be carried out by a qualified first aider who will wear PPE (personal protective equipment) of gloves, eye protection, face mask and an apron. They will wash their hands thoroughly before and after putting their PPE on and administering first aid. Parents will be informed where possible before first aid is administered.

-         When necessary to use indoor space, areas will be kept well ventilated by keeping doors and windows open.


Within their sessions / the day

Sessions will run as a maximum 50-minute sessions with a 10-minute break on each hour for hand washing and to visit the toilet. Each bubble will be staggered to allow each group to break at different times of the day to avoid crossing over between groups.

Children will maintain a 2m distance where possible which will be reinforced during the sessions. Sessions will be adapted to ensure many skills take place individually to limit the amount of peer sharing of equipment and contact. We cannot guarantee that children will not be within touching distance of each other at brief times of the day during sports sessions. Please do not send them if you expect them to strictly maintain a 2m distance from everyone at every moment of the day as it is simply impossible to guarantee. Every effort will be made to avoid physical contact.

Children cannot change between groups under any circumstances throughout the day.

Activities will take place outside where possible with shelter from the sun and hydration being promoted throughout the day.


After the session

The same procedures as arrival will take place. Please ensure if it is someone else picking up that they bring a pen and have been briefed on the procedures.

If your child or any member of their household develops symptoms of Covid-19 within 2 weeks of their visit to us, please email us at: admin@energizeessex.co.uk immediately so we can inform other members of your child’s bubble and staff.

We advise the children return straight home where possible and they remove their clothes worn for the day and have a bath or shower before coming into contact with other members of the household as there is some evidence that the virus can linger on fabrics.



Energize Essex Ltd follows all policies under GDPR which can be viewed at www.eugdpr.org. www.energizeessex.co.uk holds an up to date SSL certificate and the data is saved into a secure database and stored in the downloaded encrypted back up. Paper copies are destroyed after information is added to the database. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to have your data stored in the above way.