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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Are you a girl who loves to express themselves? You glide across the floor elegantly with the grace of a ballerina, you perform gymnastic moves that have most gymnasts in ore, you express yourself through the music and your apparatus, a ribbon flows elegantly around you, a hoop flies into the air, the ball rolls effortlessly around your body as if it were attached. If you enjoy both dance and gymnastics and enjoy performing, this is the sport for you!

Create spellbinding routines; learn how to perform amazing tricks and skills with apparatus such as balls, ribbons, clubs, ropes and hoops as well as beautiful floor routines. No bars, vaults or other large apparatus, just you, the music and a piece of apparatus to take to the stage.

You do not need any experience, as sessions will include ballet work, gymnastics skills, conditioning and apparatus work. A love of dance, gymnastics or performing is helpful. As your skills progress you’ll put more movements and skills together to create beautiful routines. If you want to progress, you’ll join the club in competitions or you can just enjoy it as a fun fitness session whilst improving your flexibility and lifelong skills.



Gymnastic Courses

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